DOSarrest Unleashes new version of its Simulated DDoS Attack platform

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have released a new version of its Cybe r Attack Preparation Platform (CAPP). CAPP is a serve yourself portal allowing customers to test their DDoS protection services they have in place or to stress test their website’s software capability under load. The service has over 50 different types of DDoS attacks in stock, the latest version is a completely new software build of the backend to accommodate a larger and more powerful botnet along with resource management.

This version of CAPP, has a new easy to use Wizard to help customers navigate and launch multiple different attacks on multiple targets simultaneously. The customer interface is also integrated into DOSarrest’s customer portal along with all of their other Internet security services.

Some of the new attacks now available include: SSL Connection Overload, GRE Protocol Floods, Database Stress Testing, Variable ICMP Type Floods & Advanced TCP Table Exhaustion, Enhanced HTTP Attacks – Able to randomize User agents, URI’s, referrers and much more, all with a high number of concurrent connections. 

DOSarrest CTO Jag Bains comments, “It’s interesting to see how different systems react to attacks; CAPP not only shows you the traffic to the victim but also shows you the traffic response from the victim. A small attack to a target can actually produce a response back that’s 500 times larger.” Bains adds, “Every time a customer uses the service, they learn something new, sometimes it’s bad news; the good news is, it’s only a test.”

CEO of DOSarrest, Mark Teolis states “Pretty much all of the new attacks and enhancements are a result of customer feedback over the last few years of operating the service first launched in 2018. Customers know they have weak or overcommitted resources, and they want test them to make sure they don’t fail.”

About DOSarrest Internet Security:
DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada serves a global client base and specializes in fully managed cloud based Internet security services including DDoS protection for websites[3], Network Infrastructure protection[4], Web Application Firewa[5]ll (WAF)[6], Traff[7] i c Analyzer[8] as well as CAPP[9].

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Media Contact: Julie Trudel
Toll free CAD/US 1-888-818-1344 ext. 205
UK Freephone 0800-086-8812 ext. 205[10][11]


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