Huge List of Computer Stress Test Software [Used by Engineers in the Rugged Computing Industry]

Update 05/14/2020: Check out our comprehensive blog post on MIL-STD-810 temperature testing procedures and Mil-Spec temperature ranges [1]to learn more about how we subject our rugged computers to environmental stressors.

In this blog you’ll find a relentless list of computer stress test [2]software (FREE & PAID) which benchmarks and/or diagnoses different components of a rugged computer system.

As a bonus, I’ve also listed popular hardware monitoring tools that you can use to diagnose any computer related issues.

A lot of these tools are used by professionals in the rugged computer[3] industry to help identify issues with computer systems. So I thought to share them with you – all in one place.

For your convenience, I’ve distinguished stress test software from hardware monitoring tools with two asterisks(*) next to the name.

Computer Stress Test Software Banner

What types of stress test software are we talking about?

  • CPU Stress Test Software
  • GPU Stress Test Software
  • RAM Stability Tests
  • HDD/SSD Utility Software
  • Computer Temperature[4] Tests
  • Network Diagnostics Tools
  • Computer Monitor Tests
  • Computer System Benchmarks

Note: Some of the tools listed are able to test more than one component of your computer system.

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