Huge List of Computer Stress Test Software [Used by Engineers in the Rugged Computing Industry]

Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool[7] (FREE)

Although meant for anyone with an Intel® CPU, this tool, developed by Intel® is a diagnostic check that verifies the CPUs operating frequency, tests numerous features on the processor, and performs a CPU stress test. It is compatible with multiprocessor systems and requires Win7 or later to run.

Prime95[8]** (FREE)

Better known as a load testing tool than a CPU benchmark, but a simple and easy-to-use application that lets you locate Mersenne Prime numbers designed for overclockers. A very good tool to test performance and stability of a processor and RAM at max stress. It is often considered a ‘standard’ for benchmarking or stress testing a computer.

GPU Stress Test Software

GPU Stress Test Software


Designed to provide video card and graphics processor information. It displays specs of the GPU and its memory, displays temperature, core frequency, memory frequency, GPU load and fan speeds. Supports both AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel® cards and allows for multi-GPU support. View real-time monitoring of GPU stats/data and log to Excel or CSV file capability.

MSI Afterburner[10] (FREE)

Most recognized and widely used graphics card overclocking utility with full control over your graphics card. Comes standard with customization capability, benchmarking, and video recording. A robust GPU overclocking and monitoring tool that enables you to find the perfect balance between performance and temperature.

Heaven Benchmark[11]** (FREE & PAID)

Performance and stability testing for your computer. It can test the video card, power supply, cooling system and allows to check your computer system in stock and overclocking modes. Provides quite accurate results due to 100% GPU-bound benchmarking. Powered by the UNIGINE 1 Engine.

Valley Benchmark[12]** (FREE & PAID)

With 64 000 000 square meters of extremely beautiful terrain powered by UNIGINE 1 Engine and user-controlled dynamic weather you are able to view GPU temperature and clock monitoring. It provides multi-monitor support and the entire valley may be explored in fly-by or hike-through modes. Video of the terrain is available in the link above.

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