Huge List of Computer Stress Test Software [Used by Engineers in the Rugged Computing Industry]

It is used to calculate pi to a specific number of digits. You may be wondering why this tool is here to begin with then, but a lot of computer enthusiasts use this tool to overclock their computer by setting the number to many digits in order to measure how fast a CPU can calculate.

Speccy[55] (FREE & PAID)

If you’re familiar with CCleaner, you’re most likely familiar with Speccy. It really does have all the info you need, from OS, CPU and RAM to your motherboard and even graphics and storage. The real-time temp monitor is one of my favorites, and while you’re at it, download CCleaner too, to clean, speed up and optimize your PC.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite[56]** (FREE & PAID)

Your everyday diagnostic and stress test software. It’s quite popular among computer techies since you can use it for overclock performance measurements. You can even disable hyperthreading to use only physical cores/modules or disable multi-core to use only sockets/packages. Either way, quite a nifty tool for diagnostics and as a stress test software piece.

WinAudit[57] (FREE)

Used by IT experts and professionals alike, it’s an open source software that resonates across multiple computing fields. It spits out comprehensive reports on a computer systems’ configuration, hardware, and software.

RWEverything[58]** (FREE)

Hardware Engineers, Firmware (BIOS) Engineers, driver developers, QA Engineers, Test Engineers, Diagnostic Engineers and so many more LISTEN UP! This utility can access almost all the computer hardware on your machine. Beware – it offers no warranty and you have sole responsibility for any damages caused to the system since it will let you modify hardware settings.

Novabench[59]** (FREE & PAID)

This is one of my personal favorites, and it’s free. It takes minutes to test your computer’s performance, it shows scores & stands openly so you can compare your computer to the rest of the world, and now even offers a GPU compute & graphics test. It comes with CPU, GPU, Memory, Disk read & write speed and the Pro version comes with a few other bonuses.

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